Kelsey Smith

Hey guys! Let me tell you a little about myself!

My parents gave me my very first camera when I was twelve years old. I instantly fell in love with it and spent a lot of time outside taking pictures of my animals and the country side that we lived on in Bristow, Oklahoma.

When I was in high school I immersed myself in art classes so that I could work on my creativity. I have a large collection of vintage film cameras, most of which belonged to my grandpa.

I absoluty love dogs! More specifically my miniature schnauzer O’Malley. Before you ask, yes he’s named after THAT O’Malley from Greys Anatomy. We love to go on walks to gather and he is my lap warmer while I’m editing photos!

My love to be behind the camera pushed me to pursue a photographic arts degree at The University of Central Oklahoma. Since then, I have found a love and passion for this field and I can’t wait to experience It with you!



Bachlors in Photographic Arts

Bachlors in Forensic Science


Best Use of Black and White Award, 2016

University of Central Oklahoma Midfirst Bank Photo Contest, 2017

Editorial Fashion Award, 2017

Mass Communications Photography Award, 2017


Department of Mass Communications Annual Arts Exhibit - 2015, 2016

Department of Mass Communications Color Photography Exhibits-2015

Department of Mass Communications Large Format Exhibit- 2016

Gaddis Gallery Solo Exhibit- 2016

Gaddis Gallery Editorial Fashion Photography Exhibit- 2016

Department of Mass Communications Portfolio Exhibit- 2016

Department of Mass Communications Advanced Commercial Exhibit-2016

Department of Mass Communications Conceptual Commercial Exhibit-2017

Gaddis Gallery Shared Exhibit- New Mexico- 2017, 2018

Department of Mass Communiactions Special Effects Exhibit-2017, 2018

Liberal Arts Symposium Exhibit-2018

Department Of Mass Communications Urban Photography Exhibit-2018

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